Hyper Hammers

Bulroc Hyper range of high pressure DTH hammers are manufactured from the highest quality materials and heat treated to produce a wear resistant surface that will deliver superior performance and reliability throughout their working life.

Every Hyper hammer is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure it is correctly assembled and to coat all internal areas with a film of rock drill oil for extra protection during transit and storage.

Bulroc offer some Hyper hammers with a thicker, heavier wearsleeve and chuck where drilling conditions are particularly abrasive and wear excessive.

Bulroc also offer some hammers designed specifically for deep hole requirements which are able to pass more air and so improve flushing at depth.

Operating Manuals

Hyper 31/41/51/81 Hammer
Hyper 31/41/51/81 (en castellano)
Hyper 31/41/51/81 Left Hand Hammer
Hyper 51/Mach50
Hyper 51/QL50
Hyper 51HD/DHD350
Hyper 63/SD6
Hyper 63/DHD360
Hyper 63/Mach60
Hyper 63HD/DHD360
Hyper 81/SD8
Hyper 101/SD10
Hyper 101/N100

Technical Brochures

Hyper High Pressure Hammers

Hyper 31/MACH33/DHD3.5
Hyper 41/COP44/SD4/MACH44
Hyper 51/COP54/QL50/SD5
Hyper 51HD/DHD350
Hyper 63/DHD360
Hyper 63/COP64/SD6
Hyper 63HD/COP64/SD6
Hyper 81/COP84/SD8/QL80
Hyper 101/SD10/N100

Hyper High Pressure Left Hand Hammers

Hyper Left Hand Hammers

Hyper DH (Deep Hole) Hammers

Hyper 66DH/DHD360
Hyper 66DH/QL60

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