Our Company

Bulroc has played a huge part in the design and manufacturing of Percussive Down Hole Rock Drilling equipment for over 45 years. The first Bulroc Down hole Hammer was introduced in 1976 and with its success other sizes and models were created. Within a short space of time Bulroc started producing a range of valved and valveless hammers for drilling hole sizes, ranging from 60mm through to 250mm diameter.

As Down Hole Hammer development continued, so did a range of complementary products including Shock Absorbers, Drill Tubes and Adaptors etc. Early in 1984, the company made a significant investment in plant and equipment, necessary for the design and manufacture of a range of Button Bits to suit not only Bulroc Hammers but also all other makes of popular DTH Hammers.

At around this time, Bulroc developed the world’s first Reverse Circulation or Centre Sampling Hammer for the Mineral Exploration industry, a system that has now become widely recognised, particularly for gold exploration.

Continuing developments resulted in the introduction of the Hyper range of Hammers, replacing the earlier valveless design. Larger sizes of Hyper Hammers were developed along with a comprehensive range of Continuous Casing Systems for all types of Overburden Drilling applications. The company currently produce DTH equipment capable of drilling holes up to 1.0m diameter.

Bulroc’s latest CDS RS overburden drilling system incorporates patented Bulroc Airflow technology and has become a market leader in construction sectors around the globe.

The company’s products are comprehensively manufactured in a modern factory located in Chesterfield, England, to strict ISO 9001 Quality Standards, using the latest computer aided design and manufacturing technology.

Bulroc has a policy of continuous product development, aimed at improving the existing product range whilst at the same time, introducing new products to increase and extend the already wide applications for Down Hole Percussive Rock Drilling equipment.

In November 2012, Bulroc invested over £3 million ($4.8 million USD) in a new 50,500 sqft manufacturing facility based in Chesterfield UK. This significant investment will allow the company to satisfy increasing customer demand and continue its extensive programme of research and development.